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We have spent the last 40 years working within a nationally recognized architectural and engineering design firm. We recognize the value that true collaboration brings and our experience demonstrates that when the entire project team collaborates, exceptional projects follow.

Using this collaborative approach, our work includes award winning landmarks such as the Waterloo Region Museum, unique adaptive re-use projects such as Manulife Square in downtown Kitchener, and innovative industrial projects such as Conestoga Cold Storage. In each case, we worked collaboratively with both the owner and the design team to ensure the successful delivery of the project.

    History & Evolution

    In 1973, our sister company, WalterFedy, introduced a new project delivery model to Ontario’s construction industry. Construction Management was an innovative approach designed to integrate the owner, designer and constructor into a construction project, something that had been lost in the traditional Design, Bid, Build model. This new approach to construction met with great success and over the course of 40 years, WalterFedy completed an impressive portfolio of projects in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.

    AEC Developments Inc. has been borne from this experience and the desire to provide even greater flexibility for our customers. Whether a project is best managed using a Construction Management, Design-Build, Stipulated Sum, Cost Plus or Total Project Delivery approach, AEC Developments Inc. is uniquely positioned to deliver your project in a way that works best for you. Using this collaborative approach, we work with both the owner and the design team to ensure the successful delivery of the project.

    Our Core Values


    We strive for excellence looking both inward and outward, reflected through our design, execution, responsiveness, reliability and our people.

    Client Focus

    We want each and every client to receive the best services we can provide.


    We strive to work ethically in all areas of our business and in our communities.

    Social and Environmental Responsibility

    We contribute positively to our communities and promote sustainable projects.

    The Way(s) We Work

    AEC Developments offers a range of delivery models to suit any project. Let us deliver your project using the model that works best for you.

    CCDC 2 - Stipulated Price Contract
    Contract between Owner and Prime Contractor to perform the required work for a single, pre-determined fixed or lump sum price, regardless of the Contractor's actual costs. This form of contract is the typical Design-Bid-Build format. The construction documents are completed and issued for a formal bid by the Designer or Owner.

    CCDC 5B - Construction Management Contract – For Services and Construction
    Contract between Owner and Construction Manager to provide advisory services during the pre-construction phase and perform the required Work during the construction phase.  At the outset, Construction Management services are performed on an actual-cost basis, plus a percentage mark-up or fixed fee applied to actual costs.  Construction Management is an open-book form of contract where AEC Developments bids out the project to Trade Contractors on behalf of the owner to construct the project.

    CCDC 14 - Design-Build Stipulated Price Contract
    Contract between Owner and Design-Builder where the Design-Builder performs Design Services and Construction under one agreement, for a single, pre-determined stipulated or fixed price. Design-Build is a closed-book fixed price form of contract where the Owner hires AEC Developments to design and build their project. There is a single contract between the Owner and AEC Developments for delivery of the project.

    CCDC 3 - Cost Plus Contract
    Contract between Owner and Prime Contractor to perform the required work on an actual-cost basis, plus a percentage mark-up or fixed fee applied to actual costs. Similar to Construction Management, Cost Plus often involves the Constructor teaming up with Trade Contractors and having most parties work on a Time and Material Basis plus the agreed upon fee for the project.

    Integrated Project Delivery
    A custom contractual arrangement among a minimum of owner, constructor and design professional that aligns the business interests of all parties. IPD motivates collaboration throughout the design and construction process, tying stakeholder success to project success. The Designer, Owner, and Constructor work together as a team to come up with the choices and selections that offer the most value in the budget available for a project.

    Our People
    Stefan David
    MSc., PMI, GSC
    Project Manager & Associate
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    Mike Reid
    Director, Partner
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    Richard Lupton
    Site Superintendent
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    Gary Cushing
    Site Superintendent
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    Ron Bowman
    Site Superintendent
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    Dan Woodcock
    A.Sc.T., GSC, PMP LEED® AP
    Project Manager & Associate
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    Kyle Barros
    Construction Manager
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    David Petrie
    Manager, Construction Services
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    Landon Loder
    Project Coordinator
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    Andrew Cullen
    Chief Estimator
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    Heidi Keats
    Contracts Coordinator
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    Kyle Tillotson
    Project Coordinator
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    Kevin Lyons
    Health and Safety Coordinator
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    Our Customers


    Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Group
    Crawford & Company
    Equitable Life
    Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro
    Manulife Financial
    Miele Canada
    Sun Life Financial
    Waterloo Region Record


    Ampacet Corporation
    Conestoga Cold Storage
    J.M. Schneider Foods
    Janssen Inc.
    McNeil Consumer Healthcare
    Taro Pharmaceuticals
    Transcontinental/RBW Graphics.
    Trussler Properties Ltd.


    Brant Community Healthcare System
    Brookside Retirement Living
    City of Cambridge
    City of Waterloo
    Conestoga College
    Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud
    Grey Bruce Health Services
    Holy Rosary Church
    rare Charitable Research Reserve
    Region of Waterloo
    Renison College

    St. Jerome’s University
    Thames Valley District School Board
    Trinity Village/Lutheran Homes
    University of Waterloo
    Upper Grand District School Board
    Waterloo Catholic District School Board
    Waterloo Region District School Board
    Wilfrid Laurier University
    YMCA of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo Outdoor Centre


    WalterFedy and AEC Developments are committed to the health and safety of all staff members. Protection of staff from injury or occupational disease is a continuing objective. WalterFedy and AEC Developments will take every reasonable precaution in order to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all staff members. All WalterFedy and AEC Developments personnel are dedicated to the ongoing objective of reducing risk of injury.

    WalterFedy and AEC Developments, as employers, are ultimately responsible for staff health and safety. Directors and Team Leaders are held accountable for the health and safety of staff under their supervision. Team Leaders are responsible to ensure staff members work in compliance with safe work practices and procedures in the office or on our project sites.

    Every staff member must protect his/herself by working in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and applicable regulations. As well, work must be performed in conjunction with safe work practices and procedures established by WalterFedy and AEC Developments, its customers, general contractors and project managers. It is each staff member’s responsibility to report any situation or activity that contravenes any safety regulations to the Safety Committee.

    As active companies in the construction industry, it is the policy of WalterFedy and AEC Developments to promote and enforce job site habits with tradespeople, consultants and customers to ensure that work is performed in the safest possible manner. Along with good work practices, construction site activities must be consistent with the latest publication of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and related regulations for Construction Projects. Appropriate instruction and training to achieve this goal is the joint responsibility of the Team Leader and Staff Member.

    If is our belief that every on-site individual servicing our construction projects is entitled to work in a safe and healthy construction environment. Every reasonable precaution will be taken to provide such an environment. Our goal is to eliminate or minimize hazards, which cause accidents and injuries.

    It is in the best interest of all parties to consider health and safety in every activity. Our commitment to health and safety forms an integral part of our organization.