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Our team is known for customer dedication, high-quality work, and perseverance towards success. Our construction and project managers, contract administrators, and cost estimators provide a wide range of professional services on new building, renovation, and adaptive reuse projects. AEC Developments enhances the concept of Total Project Delivery, by providing services beyond standard construction services.


    Project Cost Monitoring / Owner's Advocate

    As well as constructing and designing projects for Owners, AEC Developments also acts on behalf of the Owner to ensure they are getting the full value for what they have contracted with other Constructors. We perform this for Banks, other financial lending institutions, and Owners who may have a remote or remote to them project and want to ensure it is completed as required. We can be your eyes and ears to whatever level is desired during the project to offer our expertise and guidance on project extras and draw applications to ensure the amount of work being invoiced and charged is reflective of what has been completed on site.

    Cost Consulting & Planning

    Have a project or notion and no idea what the budget should or could be? Let AEC Developments work with you to develop and allow you to understand what costs may be associated with a vision you may have before too much time or effort has been put into an idea. We have a full complement of historical costs to help you understand what your options may be.

    Design-Build RFP Development

    Do you have a project in mind that you would like to receive Design-Build submissions on? Let AEC Developments help create part of that dream in the way of basic floor plans, elevations, and descriptive outline specifications that will ensure you get what you want in terms of pricing and project quality you need. Without a quality set of documents, the Design-Builder can take liberties in document interpretation that result in unwanted extras and inferior products and materials.

    Other Services

    In addition to the range of construction services offered by AEC Developments, we have the added advantage of the various specialized design services offered by WalterFedy.

    Feasibility Studies

    An analysis and evaluation of a proposed project to determine if it (1) is technically feasible, (2) is feasible within the estimated cost, and (3) will be profitable. Feasibility studies are almost always conducted where large sums are at stake. A Feasibility Study may also be called a Feasibility Analysis or a Cost Benefit Analysis.

    Site and Facilities Analysis

    Site evaluation is a pre-design service. It includes evaluation of existing or potential sites in relation to the proposed building program, budget, and construction schedule. This type of analysis can often be done in advance of a property purchase or as a condition of a purchase.

    Site Development

    Site development addresses the functional movement of vehicles and pedestrians recognizing zoning, building and other site constraints. We use state of the art software to ensure the site design is functional and meets OBC and municipal requirements.

    Site Planning/Approvals

    The Site Plan Control process examines the design and technical aspects of a proposed development to ensure it is safe, functional, attractive and compatible with the surrounding area and contributes to the municipality’s economic, social, and environmental vitality. The review process also ensures that the development is in compliance with zoning and development standards as well as the requirements of other approval agencies.

    Space Planning

    Space planning refers to the analysis and preliminary design of a building’s spatial and occupancy requirements.

    Building Condition Assessments

    A building condition assessment is often associated with a commercial real estate transaction or a building code compliance review. Information collected can be used for planning of capital expenditures and life-cycle maintenance.

    Energy Audits

    Energy audits identify an existing building’s energy requirements and opportunities to reduce overall energy usage. Audits follow ASHRAE’s Procedures for Commercial Building Energy Audits. Levels 1 through 3.

    Building Code RevieW

    This includes the review of provincial and national building codes, fire codes and energy codes to confirm requirements applicable to a specific building type, location and use.

    Environmental Approvals

    Environmental approvals often pose the greatest hurdle to a project schedule. Facilitating the various environmental approvals impacting a project requires a broad range of technical expertise as well as familiarity with the numerous government agencies that may have jurisdiction.